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Chatbotika Social Commerce

April 2, 2019 | by admin


With Chatbotika application at your phone a thousands of customer chats from various chat applications can be automatically replied and manage all the transactions easily. Download the Chatbotika application for free on Google Play Store

Automate Interaction

Our Chatbotika Assistant can do an interactive transaction automatically for your customers to interact with your brand across multiple channels such as Facebook, Telegram, Line and WhatsApp

Data Analytics

Our Chatbot Assistant can analyze transaction records, customer databases, chat communications, and customer satisfaction surveys

Cost-efficient customer support

By using the help of Chatbotika assistant to do the support process, you can save the cost of your operational process about 40%-80%

Try Chatbotika for free, set-up your store, and pick a plan later.

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Monthly Price Free 50k/Month Coming Soon
Chatbot Features
Special Day Greeting
Customization Greetings
Personalize Services
Carousel Menu
Product Catalogue* 10 Products Unlimited Unlimited
Analytical Data
Admin Dashboard
Recap Data of Total User
Recap Data of Total Message
Recap data of Total Conversation
Stock Products
Promo Products
Daily Sales Reports
Monthly Sales Reports
Transaction Features
Shipping Fee Information
LiveAdmin Request
Pending Transaction Reminder by Email
Payment Invoice by Email
Payment Information by Email
Payment Method
Track Shipment
Integration Features
LiveChat Website
Facebook Messenger
LINE @ (*exclude LINE @ ID and ProPlan Fee)
Tokopedia Coming Soon Coming Soon
Shopee Coming Soon Coming Soon

Or you might have another plans with your chatbot? It’s alright, just let us know and then our team will customize your own chatbot that suitable with your Brand or your Company

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Get To Know More About the Apps

What is Chatbotika?

Chatbotika is an application for online shop sellers who can make it easier for sellers to manage their sales on social media thorugh one app, and help online shop sellers to develop their business through chat and order automation via Chatbotika.

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What can I do with Chatbotika?

Through Chatbotika you can integrate your Line, Facebook Messeger, Whatsapp, and Telegram accounts in just one device, so you can easily maintain your store. Besides, through Chatbotika you can upload products that later can appear by the time your customer interact with your account.

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Is Chatbotika Free?

No, but some facilities will be limited, either way you could upgrade your account to Professional or Enterprise to enjoy the full facilities of Chatbotika. You can contact us here for further explanation!

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Try Chatbotika for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business.